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by Stephen Digby - Friday, 25 April 2008, 11:45 PM

Thursday 20th March Novotel, 285 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley (near the freeway entrance).

At the previous city session, the presenters did not expect any residents to attend ( the notices were sent selectively) and they were unprepared for the residents’ questions, so it was difficult to get straight answers. Those attending were mainly planners, developers and professional council planning officers.

The presenters are convinced that the new zones will solve all planning problems because they will provide certainty. They will for the development industry but not for us.

The only ones to benefit from this certainty will be planners, developers ,etc. – not the residents who seem to have been totally ignored.

Remember, the new zones apply to only residential areas and will take away residents’ right to object or appeal, the mandatory minimum heights are excessive, and the new zones are designed to give developers a free go at the residents’ expense. They will allow a developer to build a five or six story block of flats next door to you and you won’t be able to do a thing about it.

It seems that the government expects councils to inform residents, but they are only now being informed themselves, and the closing date for submissions is April 18, leaving little time for all of us to absorb and understanding the changes.

We urge you to attend and make your reaction to these undemocratic and objectionable changes clear.

Tell them what you want - to be protected from inappropriate development in our residential areas.

Ensure they understand that the government was elected to provide the greater good for all of us, not just the development industry.

Jack Roach, BRAG 9882 2829 / 0412 744163.