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BRAG: Brumby stips residents of our planning rights (Roach)
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Brumby stips residents of our planning rights (Roach)
by Admin User - Friday, 23 May 2008, 11:41 PM

Brumby strips residents of our planning rights

Premier Brumby has announced that councils are to be stripped of their planning powers over key shopping and commercial hubs and has targeted Camberwell for special attention.

The government is under increasing pressure from developers to make it easier for them to work in areas which provide the best economic returns. Camberwell is seen to be one of the prime sites.

Brumby has singled out Boroondara Council, criticising it for responding to resident concerns over planning issues, and the new state appointed planning panel will now take over to force through high-rise, high-density developments.

And it won’t stop at the shopping precincts. The government plans to introduce “New Residential Zones” - removing residents’ and third party rights to be notified of a development in the suburbs including our right to object and appeal and introducing minimum four & three story limits. Our residential areas too will be under attack from the developers.

Boroondara Mayor Coral Ross has reacted saying that citizens democratic rights will be denied and BRAG has accused the government of ignoring the real stakeholders, the residents and traders, to the benefit of the development industry.

Very soon BRAG will be announcing plans to show the government that the residents of Boroondara and beyond will not accept their dictatorial edicts, so watch this space.

Jack Roach. President BRAG