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by Jack Roach - Monday, 7 July 2008, 08:24 PM

Our past president of BRAG, Ian Angus, in his presentation to the protest meeting at the moonee Ponds Town Hall on 6th July, made some strong points about the governments recent planning edicts.

Quotes from his speech :-

A fanatic is someone who loses sight of their original objective and redoubles their efforts to achieve it. That sums up the Brumby Government's approach to planning in Victoria.

Despite clear evidence of hopelessly wrong assumptions and projections about population growth,water capacity, infrastructure and public transport needs, the Brumby Government still says "we know what's best for you and for where you live".

The Government's  election pledge seven years ago that "we will protect what you love about your neighbourhood" is exposed as a cynical pledge never delivered.

If you live in country Victoria and challenge the government on water allocation , the Premier will call you a liar.

If you're a communiter and mention the two biggest obstacles to viable public transport - Myki and Kosky - you're ungrateful.

If you are one of the 120 resident action groups across Victoria that dares to criticize Melbourne 2030, you're a noisy, elite minority.

The government's own audit of Melbourne 2030 confirmed what everyone else knew - it was a failure. What was the Government's answer.   It was the fanatic's response :

Strip away local council's planning powers and authority.

Strip away your rights to intervene in the planning process.

Create a new layer of bureaucracy called Development Assessment Committees.

Stack these committees with unelected Government nominees and

Highjack the existing council approval process.

Make no mistake - the new Committee regime is the Goverment's desperate attempt to put Melbourne 2030 on life support.

Ian went on to criticize the Municiple Association of Victoria which has been very vocal in assisting the Governments recent planning edicts.

Our comment ; in fact the MAV is now just another arm of Government slavishly hanging on to the coat tails of Premier Brumby and his planning bureaucrats.

Other speakers spoke just as forcably as Ian and you can  read some of the presentations on www.marvellousmelbourne.org