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The need for “Certainty” - Stuart Fraser: Bendigo
by Admin User - Tuesday, 8 April 2008, 12:28 AM

There are two things that are certain to happen with the new zones, the development industry will gain and the citizens of Victoria shall be lumbered with the capital and social cost.

There will be certainty with the new zones:

  1. The citizens of Victoria can be certain that their interests shall be ignored, that their objections shall be ignored; their input into their own areas shall be ignored.
  2. Developers can be certain that their interests shall not be ignored and they can be certain that the new zones are being established for them.
  3. Developers can be absolutely certain that they will make more money.
  4. What can the Government expect from all this certainty? A great deal of long term angst!
  5. From a political perspective this is certainly one of the most politically incompetent proposals ever put up by any government of any persuasion.