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BRAG: Lost Views in Camberwell (Porter)
Picture of Stephen Digby
Lost Views in Camberwell (Porter)
by Stephen Digby - Friday, 25 April 2008, 11:52 PM


It is just dawning on us that we have lost the splendid view of the city skyline because of the scale of the new building running parallel to the main Burke Road shopping centre on the western side. Fortunately the old view from Prospect Hill Road cannot be built out although the proposed Camberwell Station development might place at risk the view from the Burke Road bridge. Even worse is the possibility that re-zoning applications if introduced might remove the embargo on massive multi-storey development above Safeway and Target. This coupled with high - rise development at Camberwell Junction might so remove the skyline horizons that Camberwell citizens have enjoyed that they will feel that they are seriously over-developed in the same way that Box Hill has been spoiled. As you leave Safeway or Target look west and lament.

Dr Brian Porter