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BRAG: The Planning Public Protest Meeting
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The Planning Public Protest Meeting
by Admin User - Saturday, 19 July 2008, 12:13 AM

The Planning Public Protest Meeting at the Moonee Ponds Town hall ( Sunday 6th july) was attended by about 300 supporters of PLANNING BACKLASH and  speakers from city, country and coastal areas all talked about the planning failures of the Brumby Government.

Geoffrey Rush launched a new website ww.marvellousmelbourne.org adding that the government wished we would just give up and go away - "but we won't" he added with emphasis.

Planning minister Justin Madden did not attend the meeting but TV's John Clark (As madden) was interviewed by Bryan Dawe in their usaul  amusing and satirical manner.

You can view this interview on the new website.

The meeting passed a list of demands on government which basically covered strengthening local government planning processes, providing Victorians with influence over decisions that effect their lifestyles and immediately dispenses with the proposed removal of residents' rights to object to and appeal against planning applications.

BRAG thanks all those who contributed to the success of this meeting